Comercial Agency

FFG is able to represent the interest of a foreign company within the UAE through a commercial agency. FFG enhances the building of solid networks and partnerships as an authorized local agent, besides the continuous assistance in product and services delivery in the market directly. Foreign companies who wish to have a local business presence and accessibility in the UAE without acquiring a business licence may appoint FFG as a commercial agent in accordance with the provision of Federal Law No. 18 of 1981 Regulating Commercial Agencies laws. This can be accomplished by signing a commercial agreement which will be registered with the Ministry of Economy and shall remain in place only as per the relevant duration agreed upon in the contract.


Access to Government Tenders

FFG is a registered commercial agent in the United Arab Emirates that supports foreign companies access local market business. Our local knowledge and active approach ensures that our partners will receive efficient and effective access to bid on government tenders. The UAE government requires foreign companies who wish to bid to have a commercial agreement signed with a local agent.


Strong Distribution Links

FFG’s strong distribution capability enables us to expand across a range of key territories cemented by the mutual connections with major clients, we are effective at developing strategies in engaging with all relevant Abu Dhabi stakeholders. FFG has the ability in achieving excellence towards its projects implementation and execution.


No license required for Foreigners

Our partners can carry out business in the United Arab Emirates and the business will be carried under FFG’s license. Moreover, our partners do not need to go through a panel of procedures in establishing their presence in the United Arab Emirates, we have a dedicated team and expertise on the ground to manage your needs and pave your business efficiently.

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

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