Corporate Sponsorship

FFG offers international companies who wish to have presence in the UAE with a local sponsor as per the law requirements. Our busines sponsorship services also include providing support in business license set up, attaining approvals and covering legal requirements. Our local expertise in business establishment can also provide partners with business strategic direction market insights. Companies set up with a local partner often have an added benefit of being able to open limitless branches in the UAE and apply for a variety of private and government tenders that are not accessible without a local partner. There are no taxes levied by the Government on income or wealth of companies and individuals. Our primary objective is to provide a 100% support as well as to protect your ownership rights.


Promoting Your Brand

FFG will ensure that your brand will promote great awareness and exposure in the region by showcasing your products and services to a target the right audience.


No Corporate TAX & Minimum Capital Requirements

The UAE does not have a corporate tax, no income tax, no capital gains tax, no withholding tax and no dividends tax, for LLC. From 1 January 2018, the UAE started to implement value addedtax (VAT) at a rate of five per cent. The UAE Companies Law does not prescribe any minimum share capital for an LLC.


Better Legal Protection & Regulations

FFG grants you a secured legal protection by providing you more cover under specific regulations. We offer strong partnership rights and protection contracts that is authorized by the power of attorney.

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

We are here to help you with it!