FFG invests in different industries such as healthcare, education, oil & gas, manufacturing and technology. FFG is continuously seeking co-investment opportunities in businesses that operate in sectors with high potential growth in the UAE, GCC, and the Middle East.


Investing in Research and Development

In FFG, research and development is the backbone of the organization. We continuously study rising applications , artificial intelligence and technological advancements that are trending in today’s market. FFG always welcomes new and creative ideas, we are highly interested in investing in new technologies that are demanded in the region.



FFG invests with their partners where they prospect opportunities across the region. FFG prides itself in welcoming new partners from around the globe. We strive ourselves in targeting new and emerging markets.


Investing In Different Asset Classes

FFG is open to investing in different asset classes such as private equity, bonds, real estate and start-ups.

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

Want to maximize your business success in the region?

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